Vacation in Style with unique Nina Sharae Swimwear

Curvy Swimsuit

We love swimwear if you haven’t been able to tell by now. And we love up and coming designers to change the game when it comes to options for plus size bathing suit. We may be in the summer thickness, but one designer, Nina Sharae, heats it up with her resort range and swimwear in length. Let’s look at it!

Nina Sharae, a native of Chicago, is the CEO and owner of Nina Sharae Resort & Swimwear and All Trades, Inc. Nina has grown into a pace-setter and activist all over the globe for full-figure women. She discovered and ventured into this intriguing purpose of hers. She made history in Ghana, becoming the first plus designer in Ghana to showcase women in bathing suits plus size.

She’s been featured in 2018 in Vogue UK and GQ UK. Nina is adamant about celebrating all shapes and sizes and inspire them to accept their individuality and uniqueness. We’re here to make waves in plus size swimwear for this model!

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Curvy Swimsuit
Curvy Swimsuit
Vacation in Style with unique Nina Sharae Swimwear 2
Vacation in Style with unique Nina Sharae Swimwear 3
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