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Size 26 Supermodel Tess Holliday Brings You 5 Tips for Plus Size Women

Size 26 Supermodel Tess Holliday Brings You 5 Tips for Plus Size Women


Tess Holliday has made it her job to spread her ‘ eff your beauty standards ‘ message for the fashion industry, and beyond, and is one of the most popular plus-size women in the world.

Now, with her new book, “The Not So Subtle Art of Being A Fat Girl,” she has taken it to the next level, building on her own experience, encouraging women to accept and appreciate their bodies, regardless of shape or weight. “I would write that in my bed naked because I just had Bowie [ my second son], and I was still nursing, and he would most of the time sleep with me,” she told me, with typical say-it – is honesty about the writing process. “So it was me with Bowie in my room, surrounded by snacks of a kind! Nobody is training you for the challenge of writing a book.

Of course, one of the best ways to be a fat girl is to find a look that makes you feel confident. Holliday is beautifully prepared with her brave and inventive approach to getting dressed to give us some tips on plus-size fashion …

For easy opulence, try a vintage kaftan

Another favorite wardrobe that Holliday swears by is vintage kaftans, and over the years she’s gathered quite a number. “I buy kaftans from the vintage. My favorite is a 70’s one with mushrooms on it and big slits on the side I found in a Long Beach thrift store where I live in LA, “she says.

Everyone needs a ‘no-brainer’ outfit

“Because I live in L.A where it’s always hot, my go-to outfit for days when I wake up and don’t know what to wear is usually leggings and a crop top,” she says. To be sure, crop tops may not be a practical choice for many of us, but the simple attitude of Holliday is still inspiring. “I wear it with a pair of Rihanna’s Fenty slides-I’ve got almost every hue! I feel like a mother like that, but that’s my everyday look because I still want to feel cute as I go around the city.

Don’t just get inspired by women of plus size

Holliday counts Rihanna and Marlene Dietrich among her personal style idols and is enthusiastic about the fact that a woman of plus size shouldn’t think that inspiration has no limits.

“I’m still watching Rihanna’s Instagram, but if I could dress like Marlene Dietrich every day of my life I’d,” she says, admitting that she needs to have more tailoring choices available for women of more size to help her get the look. “I think it’s a stretch to find suits that look amazing in plus-sizes — it’s certainly the one wardrobe staple I don’t have enough of.”

She ranks Nicolette Mason, the owner of the plus-size brand Premme, as a favorite in terms of her fellow plus-size models. “She’s a friend of mine, and I always admire her combination of feminine edge and leather jacket. I’m in menswear and clothing and I like her feminine but also a little masculine mix.

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#DoYouStories Ever since I was a young girl, I’ve been obsessed with fashion. When my friends started reading teen celeb mags, I gravitated towards Vogue and Harpers Bazaar, and fawned over the editorial spreads that would soon become wallpaper plastered from floor to ceiling of my bedroom. I almost never saw anyone who looked like me in the pages of these magazines, but I couldn’t help but fall in love with the art and architecture of fashion, and the ways that clothes could evoke or communicate a feeling. As I grew up and into my own identity, fashion became a major part of how I self-expressed; my outfits were a way of communicating little parts of myself through subtle cues, colors, and patterns. Fashion only became a bigger part of identity when I moved to New York and started school at Parsons, but even then – the lack of visibility that I could resonate with made me shy away from pursuing a career in fashion. Fast forward nearly a decade later, and I’ve somehow been in dozens of magazines and this past week, launched a clothing brand with one of my best friends. These last few weeks have been completely surreal: everything about mine and Gabi's journey with launching has been centered around the idea of empowerment – that we all deserve to be seen, heard, visible, valued, and find joy in getting dressed. I feel hopeful and proud knowing that I’m creating something that the 12-year-old version of me would have found comfort in seeing, and knowing that Gabi and I are creating a platform which might make even one person feel less alone. ❤️ I'm so excited to be partnering with @Puma to share stories of female empowerment as part of their #DoYouStories docu-series hosted by Cara Delevingne. 10 participants who share their own #DoYouStories will win an exclusive experience with CD & Puma (all you have to do is post your own photo or video with the tag in the caption, tap tag @caradelevingne @puma @pumawomen, and make sure your photo is public!) @puma @pumawomen #sponsored 📸 @lydiahudgens

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Don’t get distracted with makeup

Holliday can be known for its glamorous look in Hollywood, however, she says that it is always a priority to look after her skin. “I’d always choose skincare over makeup! She says,” I’m obsessed with moisturizer.” “I use the moisturizer of Tatcha’s Indigo because it’s healthy, and it is perfect for rosacea people. I sound like I sell, but I’m obsessed with it!

You can dream of designer dresses

In the heart of the fashion season, we spoke to Holliday when it is clearer than ever that a way can be found before the mainstream gets bigger. But that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have a high-end designer passion. She said, “I’d love to wear Iris Van Herpen. “I cry when it’s not my size! That’s great. She has an entire design process, showing how she makes it and it is thought-blowing on YouTube videos. Something like that, I’d die.

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