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6 Tips for Body Confidence From Plus-Size Models

6 Tips for Body Confidence From Plus-Size Models


Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, but sometimes it can be hard to remember that on a day when you feel boring. Here, top-size models share their secrets which boost confidence.

1. Remember, true beauty is power

True Beauty is Power

Body trust comes from the inside, not from the outside, and model Ali Tate is well aware of that. “From the soul comes true beauty. Changing yourself and conforming to the beauty standards of anyone else is changing the heart, “she said. “You are the ones you are and you are a very powerful woman.”

2. Find role models

Find Role Models

Model Georgia Pratt looks out at the ones she loves when she feels down about herself. “I think it is so important, not only fashion, to have related models in every kind of press,” she said. “And I think the need for such statistics to be applicable to all age groups is even greater.”

3. Look in the mirror and realize that you are just perfect as you are

You are just perfect

Tess Holliday (the founder of #effyourbeauty standards) says one of the big keys to your body’s confidence is to embrace you. She said, “Everything is about committing with yourself like you are.” “If in all ways you want to work for a better one… do it. But you’re all right just like now.

4. Stay fresh and do not allow the doubts of others to slow you down

Stay Positive

When Whitney Thompson was America’s only biggest competitor, she was motivated, not threatened. She won her over her entire season, beating up thousands of other models with stunning pictures and murderous confidence. “I agree that what took me more was the fact that I didn’t change my attitude. Rather than be like,’ Oh no, I’m fine!I was like,’ Hey, for breakfast I make pancakes!” She said. “I think that helped, because your expectations and attitude must be kept high. You’ve got nobody but yourself at the end of the day.

5. Know that body shape and size does not equate to good health

6 Tips for Body Confidence From Plus-Size Models 2

One of the most popular models in history is the Next Top Model star of another Country. In Italian Vogue, Toccara Jones has landed film roles, modeling campaigns, and a 14-page spread. “If people think that plus-size means overweight, obese, or unattractive, they presume, but I met so many different models of different sizes — beautiful women,” she said. “I am P-L-U-S as far as I am concerned. I’m big, black, beautiful and amazing!”

6. Having confidence and self-awareness a priority would make you happier

Having Confidence

A modeling agency on Instagram found the new model-of – the-moment Jordyn Woods, and since then her career has begun. And Kylie Jenner’s BFF is in awe of her. “This vessel, this body, we are all given, and we all have a mission,” said Woods. “For me, if I don’t like something about myself, I’ll accept it— the faster you can accept it, the more you can do it.”

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